Crítica publishes articles, discussions, critical studies, states of the art, and reviews. Papers will only be published when they have two favourable reports; if a paper obtains contradictory reports, it will be sent to a third referee. The review process is double blind, that is, both referee and author are unaware of each other's identity. Papers by the members of the Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas-UNAM will only be published when two external referees have given favourable reports.

  • Submission guidelines

All editorial correspondence, including manuscripts and books for review, should be sent either to, or to Critica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Apartado Postal 70-447, C.P. 04510, México, D.F. Tel.: (5255) 56 22 74 40. Books sent for review will not be returned.

Manuscripts must be sent electronically either in Word, rtf or LaTex format to Crítica’s e-mail address. Manuscripts should be double-spaced in a legible typeface (12 points) including notes and bibliography. All the pages should be numbered consecutively, and text heads and subheads clearly distinguished. Submissions must not exceed 10 000 words.

Authors must send two electronic versions of their manuscripts. One should include the author’s name, title of contribution, e-mail address, postal address (including phone and fax numbers); and a second version should be prepared for blind refereeing, where all references to the author including acknowledgements and bibliographical details are omitted. Both versions must include the title, an abstract (100 words maximum) and a list of five keywords not mentioned in the title. Whenever possible the latter should also be sent in Spanish.

Four months should be allowed for refereeing.

When a contribution is accepted the author will receive proofs in PDF format by e-mail. The author must check these carefully and send her comments within five working days to 

Publication of a text supposes that the author's copyright is passed on to the editorial institution of the journal.

  • Further guidelines

Bibliography and quotations

References should be listed at the end, alphabetically ordered by author and year.

References within text

Quotations inside the main text must appear thus: 

(Quine 1974, p. 20).


Any illustration (drawing, figure, or any image) must be sent as a digital file in the EPS format, along with a high resolution PDF file. Please specify the programme in which the illustration was created and include all special fonts used.

Special Issues

CRÍTICA aims to publish a number of special issues on contemporary philosophical topics of international relevance. Every number will have one or more Editors, who will be approved by the Board of the journal, and will feature roughly 4 articles: some will be obtained through an international call for papers, and the remaining ones by invitation. The call for papers will be announced in both English and Spanish in PHILOS-L, PhilEvents, et alia. The Editor will take care of finding referees for all the articles, including the ones obtained by invitation. The manuscripts will have to be blind reviewed, and only those who obtained two positive reports will be publishable. The Editor will have the option to choose between writing either a preface or a substantive introduction, which will also go through blind review. Under no circumstances the issue will contain work by the Editor, other than the preface or the introduction. Once the selection process has been finalized, the Board of Crítica will reserve the right to approve the contributions. The Board will be available to the Editor for help throughout the process.

We invite proposals for special issues. Please send a document with the following information:

(i) description of the topic,

(ii) draft of the call for papers,

(iii) names of authors which will be invited to contribute.

The Board of Crítica will assess the proposals.

All editorial correspondence should be sent either to