Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 43, number 128, agosto 2011
Tolerancia, autonomía e inmoralidades "inofensivas" o "sin víctimas"
[Tolerance, Autonomy, and “Harmless” or “Victimless” Immoralities]
Juan Pablo Zambrano Tiznado
Escuela de Derecho
Universidad Arturo Prat, Chile

Abstract: This paper argues for tolerance of some “harmless or victimless immoralities”. To this end —and taking into account both Joseph Raz’s perfectionist liberalism, and the critique of the latter by Robert P. George— arguments are set forth for tolerance of some evils aimed at avoiding using people as a means. In conclusion, it is stated that, although mistakenly, people should be free to carry out consented actions which infringe upon harm principle.
Keywords: harm principle, moral agent, use of people, Joseph Raz, Robert P. George

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