Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 43, number 129, diciembre 2011
Sub-Sentential Logical Form. On Robert J. Stainton’s Words and Thoughts
[Forma lógica suboracional. Sobre Words and Thoughts de Robert J. Stainton]
Axel Arturo Barceló Aspeitia
Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Abstract: Stainton argues (2006, 2001) that since sub-sentential speech acts lack the proper syntactic structure to have logical form, it is not from them that subsententially propositions conveyed derive their logical form. In this brief comment, I develop an argument for the claim that sub-sentential speech acts not only do have the proper syntactic structure, but that according to Stainton’s own general pragmatic account of sub-sentential speech, they also satisfy all the criteria put forward by him to be the primary bearers of logical form.
Keywords: syntax, speech acts, structure, pragmatics, argumentation

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