Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 43, number 129, diciembre 2011
Speech Acts and Sub-Sentential Speech
[Actos de habla y habla suboracional]
J. Robert Thompson
Department of Philosophy and Religion
Mississippi State University

Abstract: In this paper, I compile some reasons for resisting Stainton’s (2006) analysis of sub-sentential speech. My resistance stems from considerations about the intentions and expectations of those who communicate using sub-sentential speech. I challenge Stainton’s reasons for thinking that some sub-sentential utterances have the status of full-fledged speech acts and argue that they turn out to be degenerate speech acts. After offering my own analysis of sub-sentential speech, I recommend that by revisiting the divide and conquer strategy Stainton dismisses for handling the alleged cases of genuine sub-sentential speech, we can resist radical forms of contextualism suggested by his analysis.
Keywords: assertion, contextualism, ellipsis, sub-sentences

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