Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 44, number 132, diciembre 2012
¿Qué son las constantes lógicas?
[What Are Logical Constants?]
María José Frápolli
Departamento de Filosofía I
Universidad de Granada

Abstract: The aim is to offer a characterization of logical constants [LC] focusing on the meaning of their natural language counterparts. [LC] includes syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic aspects which are individually necessary and jointly sufficient for an expression to score as a logical constant. The conclusion reached at is the following: that the expressions included in the traditional list of logical constants do not share relevant features from the point of view of their meaning that justify their treatment as a homogeneous group. Only some uses of conditional, negation and quantifiers are genuine logical constants.
Keywords: expressivism, inference marker, pragmatism, higher-order predicable,

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