Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 45, number 133, abril 2013
Some Remarks about Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra’s Advice on the Language of Philosophy
[Simposio: Las lenguas de publicación de la filosofía analítica
Algunas observaciones acerca del consejo de Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra sobre la lengua de la filosofía]

Marco Ruffino
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro/CNPq – Brazil

Abstract: In this paper I discuss Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra’s notes on the proper language for publishing texts in analytic philosophy. I am basically in agreement with him on the practical side, i.e., publishing in English increases the chances of philosophical exchange with other communities. I disagree, however, if one wants to read a stronger “should” in his advice, for there is nothing in the essence of analytic philosophy that ties it to the English language. Finally, I end with a caveat that his advice should not be misunderstood and degenerate into an exhortation of what I call “linguistic laziness”.
Keywords: analytic philosophy, dialog, criticism, linguistic laziness, history of analytic philosophy

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