Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 45, number 135, diciembre 2013
Making Sense of Doing Wrong: On the Justification of Compromise Decisions
[Darle sentido a actuar incorrectamente: sobre la justificación de las decisiones de compromiso]
Rafael Cejudo Córdoba
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Universidad de Córdoba (España)

Abstract: This paper holds that compromises are a kind of agreement and also a kind of decision. The main objectives are: 1) to identify the formal structure of compromise situations, or predicaments where some compromise decision (CD) is unavoidable, including CDs that jeopardize the decision-maker’s integrity; 2) through Amartya Sen’s notions of basic and compulsive judgments, to establish when a CD in a situation of compromise could be morally justified. It concludes that justified CDs involve a rationally justified moral regret which helps to bridge the gap between deontology and consequentialism.
Keywords: moral judgment, dilemma, integrity, consequentialism, deontology

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