Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 47, number 139, abril 2015
¿Cómo mide el riesgo el observador imparcial?
[How Does the Impartial Observer Measure Risk?]
Antonio J. Heras
Departamento de Economía Financiera y Contabilidad I
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
David Teira
Departamento de Lógica, Historia y Filosofía de la Ciencia

Abstract: We study the link between the concepts of risk and equality in the argument of the impartial observer. The conception of justice that this latter would choose is grounded on the purity of the choice procedure. However, if we model this choice using the standard risk measurements in mathematical finance, there is an implicit preference for the degree of inequality that the chosen outcome will yield. This should make us reconsider the neutrality of the impartial observer’s proceduralism.
Keywords: original position, proceduralism, uncertainty, impartiality, coherent measures

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