Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 47, number 141, diciembre 2015
Una propuesta modal sobre la T-teoricidad y el papel de los postulados y axiomas en las teorías científicas
[A Modal Proposal on the T-Theoreticity and the Role of the Postulates and Axioms in Scientific Theories]
Manuel Dahlquist
Universidad Nacional del Litoral
Universidad Autónoma entre Ríos
Adriana Gonzalo
Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Abstract: The so-called “problem of theoretical terms” first formulated by Sneed (1971) arises from the interpretation of theoretical terms according to the Inherited Conception. This reading is not consistent with the indirect interpretation of theoretical terms made by Carnap (1937, 1939) using postulates. These texts propose a holistic interpretation of scientific theories, that can only be properly treated in possible-world semantics. Andreas (2008, 2010) provides a modal treatment of theoretical terms; we present these results in terms of Kripkean models; then extend them so as to distinguish between axioms and theoretical sentences, generating a model capable of treating them in a differentiated matter and offering new logical and philosophical results.
Keywords: Carnap, received view, interpretation indirect, modal logic, theoretical terms

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