Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 48, number 143, agosto 2016
Sutton’s Solution to the Grounding Problem and Intrinsically Composed Colocated Objects
[La solución de Sutton al problema de la fundamentación y la existencia de objetos co-ubicados intrínsecamente compuestos]
Marta Campdelacreu
Departament de Filosofia
Universitat de Barcelona

Abstract: In Sutton 2012, Catherine Sutton offers a new and very interesting solution to the most challenging problem facing colocationism: the grounding problem. However, if I am right in rejecting her thesis that lumps or pieces of matter are extrinsically composed, then her proposal is no longer a complete answer to the grounding problem, and it is difficult to see how it might be supplemented.
Keywords: colocationism, sortal property, lump or piece of matter, non-living natural objects, extrinsically composed colocated objects

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