Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 49, number 145, abril 2017
Obras de ficción, formas de conciencia y literatura
[Works of Fiction, Kinds of Awareness and Literature]
Josep E. Corbí
Universitat de València

Abstract: Relatar lo ocurrido como invención: una introducción a la filosofía de la ficción contemporánea (2016a) offers to the Spanish reader an excellent opportunity to get in touch with central aspects in the current philosophy of language and their implications for fiction theory. In his book, García-Carpintero carefully presents the fundamental lines of argument for and against the most relevant views and, on this basis, defends his own analysis of the norm of fiction as well as a neo-Fregean theory of referential terms that averts some traditional objections. My review includes, however, two objections concerning García-Carpintero’s norm of fiction, one relative to the forms of awareness that it seems to presuppose, and the other regarding the nature of the interest associated with the imaginative projects that are constitutive of fictional works.
Keywords: assertion, speech act, imagination, reference, metaphor

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