Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 40, number 119, agosto 2008
Sobre paralogismos: ideas para tener en cuenta
[About Paralogisms: Some Ideas to Keep in Mind]
Luis Vega Reñón
Departamento de Lógica

Abstract: This paper has two aims. (1) To show the singularity of Vaz Ferreira’s idea of paralogisms inside the fallacy tradition, due not only to his “psycho-logic” frame of approach, but to his conception of the paralogism as a process or state of confusion and a source of mistakes that are mental and cognitive rather than discursive. (2) To translate this idea to the present-day field of argumentation so as to take advantage of Vaz’s power of suggestion. For his contribution is not confined to the lucid exploration and illustration of the paralogism as a dimension of fallacies barely noticed before him, but also abounds with suggestions worth taking into account in our current discussions about fallacious argumentation.
Keywords: Vaz Ferreira, Lógica viva, argumentation theory, fallacious argumentation

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