Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 38, number 114, diciembre 2006
El análisis lógico de la predicación colectiva
[The Logical Analysis of Collective Predication]
Gustavo Fernández Díez
Departamento de Filosofía
Universidad de Murcia

Abstract: In this paper I investigate the logical analysis of statements in which a predicate applies collectively to a plurality of subjects. The standard treatment of such cases in first-order logic is not completely satisfactory, and the search for alternative modes of representation opens up interesting perspectives. I concentrate on the introduction of multigrade predicates, pointing out a number of weaknesses in the current literature on the subject. I argue that the collective/distributive opposition must be located in the logical structure of the statement in question.
Keywords: collective/distributive, multigrade predicate, compound term, plural logic

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