Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 35, number 105, diciembre 2003
A Defense of Naturalistic Naturalized Epistemology
[Una defensa de la epistemología naturalizada naturalista]
John Lemos
Department of Philosophy
Coe College

Abstract: Naturalistic naturalized epistemology combines ontological naturalism with naturalized epistemology. Ontological naturalism is the view that nothing exists other than spatio-temporal beings embedded within a space-time framework. Naturalized epistemology is a view about the nature of knowledge characterized by its commitment to externalism and the idea that knowledge consists in beliefs reliably generated by cognitive mechanisms operating in a suitable environment. Alvin Plantinga has provided a much discussed evolutionary biological argument against naturalistic naturalized epistemology. In this article I defend naturalistic naturalized epistemology by refuting Plantinga's replies to two important criticisms of his argument.
Keywords: epistemology, naturalized epistemology, naturalism, Alvin Plantinga

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