Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 37, number 110, agosto 2005
Quotation: Compositionality and Innocence without Demonstration
[Citas: composicionalidad e inocencia sin demostración]
Andrew Botterell
Department of Philosophy
Sonoma State University
Robert J. Stainton
Department of Philosophy
University of Western Ontario

Abstract: We discuss two kinds of quotation, namely indirect quotation (e.g., 'Anita said that Mexico is beautiful') and pure quotation (e.g., 'Mexico' has six letters). With respect to each, we have both a negative and a positive plaint. The negative plaint is that the strict Davidsonian (1968, 1979a) treatment of indirect and pure quotation cannot be correct. The positive plaint is an alternative account of how quotation of these two sorts works.
Keywords: propositional attitudes, semantics/pragmatics boundary

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