Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 34, number 100, abril 2002
Supervenience and Explanatory Exclusion
[Superveniencia y exclusión explicativa]
Lee McIntyre
Harvard University

Abstract: This paper argues that there is an inconsistency between Jaegwon Kim's earlier work on supervenience and his more recent work on explanatory exclusion. In his work on supervenience Kim advocates an explanatory agnosticism that, by the time of his later work, is replaced by an endorsement of reductive explanation. My argument is that this tension between Kim's early and later work is unfortunate since explanatory exclusion is highly questionable in its own right and is not reconcilable with his earlier work on supervenience anyway.
Keywords: supervenience, explanatory exclusion, reductionism, Jaegwon Kim

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