Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 33, number 97, abril 2001
Identidad de tipos y hacedores de verdad
[Identity of Types and Truthmakers]
Joan Pagès
Departament de Filologia i Filosofia
Universitat de Girona

Abstract: In this paper I deal with Armstrong's last theory of states of affairs and its relation to truthmakers for sentences and the problem of universals. More specifically, I discuss his truthmaker principle, rejecting some of the objections that has been raised against it. However, I also try to show that Armstrong's answer to the problem of the negative existencial sentences in terms of totality states of affairs is mistaken. Finally, I rebut Oliver's slinghot argument against truthmakers and also discuss Armstrong theory of states of affairs as truthmakers.
Keywords: universals, truthmakers, states of affairs

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