Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 28, number 83, agosto 1996
Identidad, constitución y superveniencia
Montserrat Bordes Solanas
Grupo de Epistemología y Análisis
Universidad de Barcelona

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the notions of constitution and identity. It has a threefold purpose. First, to examine and evaluate the two main positions (CII, CNI) that in recent discussion are supposed to be the answers to the puzzles raised on this topic. I will try to show its commitments with certain views on the modal and temporal character of the identity relation. Second, to show that the classical position (CNI) suggest some criticisms because of its acceptance of an antioccamist coincidence principle that contravenes a reasonable principle of supervenience. Finally, I want to stress the capacity of the rival theory of dealing with those problems.

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