Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 40, number 120, diciembre 2008
Homophonic Prejudices
[Prejuicios homofónicos]
Manuel García-Carpintero
Departamento de Lógica

Abstract: I critically discuss some aspects of Mark Sainsbury’s Reference without Referents, from an otherwise sympathetic viewpoint. My objections focus on the adequacy of the truth-conditional framework that Sainsbury presupposes. I argue that, as semantic theories, truth-conditional accounts are both too ambitious, and too austere to be fully explanatory, and that both problems have consequences for anaccount of reference.The latter problem has to do with the difficulties to capture in a truth-conditional framework the descriptive contribution of indexicals and, in my view, proper names. The former has to do with the non-semantic contribution of context to the determination of truth-conditions in general and reference in particular.
Keywords: Reference, truth-conditions, presuppositions,indexicals, vacuous terms

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