Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 41, number 122, agosto 2009
El estatus ontológico de los mundos posibles
[The Ontological Status of Possible Worlds]
Manuel Pérez Otero
Departamento de Lógica

Abstract: Barcan Formula and the postulation of possibilia contradict the pretheoretical intuitive judgments of most people, which favour actualism about possible worlds. In this paper I discuss and reject two arguments against such judgments, both of which conceive wrongly the relation between possible worlds semantics (PWS) and modal natural languages. The more important argument (advanced by Williamson) assumes that the domain of the actual world is identical to the domain of @ (the index that —in PWS— represents the actual world). I develop an interpretation of PWS which elucidates why that thesis is unwarranted.
Keywords: Barcan Formula, possibilia, Williamson, existence, modal logic

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