Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 30, number 90, diciembre 1998
Prigogine: ciencia y realidad
[Prigione: Science and Reality]
Olimpia Lombardi
Universidad de Buenos Aires

Abstract: Regarding the relationship between science and reality, Prigogine claims that his view may be named "realist"; he also accepts the central role of "experimental dialogue" as a constitutive element of modern science and an irreversible acquisition of human culture. Nevertheless, at the same time Prigogine adopts a historical relativism, according to which truth of scientific theories is shaped by the cultural context. In this paper we argue that both theses are compatible. Prigogine arguments in two different levels: the scientist is an epistemological realist and conceives science as discovering nature, but the philosopher is a philosophical idealist and conceives science as creative invention of languages.

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