Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 26, number 76-77, abril/agosto 1994
¿Dónde se encuentra el enigma sobre la creencia?
David Sosa
Universidad de Princeton

Abstract: This paper investigates S. Kripke’s, “A Puzzle about Belief”. I focus on three areas. First, it is not always clear where the puzzle lies. In what does the puzzle consist, exactly? A second focus is the methodology of Kripke’s paper. I believe Kripke’s use of the puzzle to defend Millianism involves an interesting methodology which has not received the attention it deserves. Third, I discuss relations between rationality, semantic value and reference. The current unfashionability of Fregean theories may be sustained by insensitivity to these relations. Toward the end I consider and reject a challenge to the Fregean position defended.

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