Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volume 24, number 71, agosto 1992
El compromiso valorativo de la tecnología
Luis A. Piscoya Hermoza
Universidad de San Marcos de Lima

Abstract: This paper is a critical analysis of technology as understood today. The author tries to prove three theses: 1) Prescriptive meaning of technological rules, and efficient-inefficient statements are based on expressing what is socially good. 2) Information contained in technological rules is based on scientific-theoretical statements-true in some sense. 3) Technological rules dependence upon systems of value has been avoided because it places emphasis on the artifact and forgets the language.

The three theses are based on the analysis of scientific language. They present technology language as action rules of non-scientific nature, and they approach the valorative commitment of technology as if it was an inherent consequence of the logical nature of its own rules.
[Carolina Celorio]

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