Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volumen 45, número 135, diciembre 2013
Second Order Descriptions and General Term Rigidity
[Descripciones de segundo orden y rigidez para términos generales]
Ezequiel Zerbudis
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Resumen: I examine Nathan Salmon’s solution to the problem of trivialization, as it arises for conceptions of general term rigidity that construe it as identity of designation across possible worlds. I argue that he does not succeed in showing that some alleged general terms, such as “the colour of the sky” are non-rigid, but also that a small class of different examples that he presents, which can be construed as second order descriptions, are indeed non-rigid general terms, although for reasons different from those he thought.
Palabras clave: semantics, designation, predicative expression, logical form, modality

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