Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volumen 49, número 146, agosto 2017
Bulygin-Redondo: Desencuentros cercanos sobre enunciados hartianos del tercer tipo
[Bulygin-Redondo: Close Disagreements about Hart’s Legal Statements of the Third Kind]
María Gabriela Scataglini
Universidad de Buenos Aires

Resumen: In this text I compare Eugenio Bulygin’s and Cristina Redondo’s conceptions about those statements that register the fact that members of a society accept some rules as guides for their behavior. I inquire into what makes it possible for the observer to identify or recognize valid legal rules as such, and my answer is inspired by Wittgenstein’s rule-following considerations, taken up from Brandom’s critique against “regularism”. I concur with Redondo on those points where she is in disagreement with Bulygin, although I express a slight but crucial difference with Redondo’s position.
Palabras clave: internal point of view, descriptive/prescriptive, rule-following, observer, “regularism”

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