Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volumen 49, número 147, diciembre 2017
Why General Jurisprudence is Interesting
[Por qué la teoría general del derecho es interesante]
Julie Dickson
University of Oxford
Faculty of Law

Resumen: In a recent article entitled, “Is General Jurisprudence Interesting?”, David Enoch answers his own question resoundingly in the negative. This article critically examines the character of Enoch’s claim, the presuppositions it rests on, and the way in which he seeks to establish it. Having argued that many of Enoch’s views in this regard hinge on a narrow and idiosyncratic understanding of the questions that general jurisprudence addresses, and of the relations between those questions and many other inquiries concerning the character of law, the article concludes by offering its author’s own vision of what makes general jurisprudence engaging, intriguing, and. . . well. . . interesting.
Palabras clave: legal philosophy, methodology, indirectly evaluative legal philosophy

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