Crítica, Revista Hispanoamericana de Filosofía, Volumen 19, número 57, diciembre 1987
¿Qué determina las condiciones de verdad?
Christopher Peacocke
Universidad de Londres

Resumen: In this paper a question is asked about what the relation is between the acceptance conditions of what is believed and the conditions for what is believed to determine the truth value true. By an "acceptance condition" of a given content, it is meant a correct statement of a normative condition concerning that content, and it is argued in support of the conjeture that there is a conception of a content's acceptance conditions on which those acceptance conditions determine its truth conditions. The position towards which the arguments run is summarized as "manifestationism without verificationism" .
It is argued for the conjeture first in the case of certain observational contents and next in connection with universally quantified contents.
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